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Godflesh to Release Hymns Deluxe Remaster

December 16, 2012

![](/images/Godflesh - Hymns reissue.jpg)GODFLESH’s swan song, Hymns, will be re-released as a Special Edition 2-CD Deluxe Remaster with bonus tracks, liner notes, lyrics and never before seen photos and images.  The album was originally released in 2001 and features a more stripped down sound.

Here is the content of the second disc:

1.    " Voidhead" (Demo 2012 Mix) 2.     “Vampires” (Demo 2012 Mix) 3.     “Deaf, Dumb & Blind” (Demo 2012 Remastered) 4.     “Anthem” (Demo 2012 Remastered) 5.     “Paralyzed” (Demo 2012 Remastered) 6.     “For Life” (Demo 2012 Remastered) 7.     “If I Could Only Be What You Want” (2012 Remastered)

Check out the pre-order page.