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Goodfellow Records Sign PASSION

September 14, 2006

Goodfellow Records have announced the signing of hardcore quintet, PASSION.

Born and bred in Philadelphia, PA, PASSION is set on a goal that surpasses playing music. That goal is to bring their own brand of furious, metal-driven hardcore to the masses, while leaving no one behind. They strive to write songs that cannot be easily dismissed and hope to leave those listening wanting more.

The band’s lyrical content strives to do more justice than simply dwelling on girls and broken hearts. Vocalist Kenny Harris’ lyrics are more geared towards increasing awareness of sensitive, taboo topics that range from child molestation to the overwhelming amount of censorship found on the airwaves. Such topics are touched on in hopes of encouraging more people to speak their mind, and not keep their feelings to themselves. Musically, the pace ranges from frantic to slow and droning, but it is always loud and extremely powerful. They may be treading on well-worn ground, but there is a certain unique flavor that is PASSION’s own.

PASSION live: 09/29 Wilmington, DE @ Harmony Grange 09/30 Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church - Release party w/ My TURN TO WIN, BRAINDEAD, KNOW YOUR ENEMY, SHUTOUT - 2:30 PM 10/13 Lansdale, PA @ Lansdale VFW 11/18 Wilkes-Barre, PA @Cafe Metropolis