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GORGOROTH Stir Controversy Over Show In Poland

February 5, 2004

Norwegian black metallers, GORGOROTH, who are no stranger to trouble have once again stirred up some serious controversy, this time over their performances in Poland last weekend in Poland, particularly the second gig in Krakow.

The Krakow show was being filmed for an upcoming DVD release and featured the band performing with some symbolic props. Specifically, four crucified models (two men, two women), both naked and covered in sheep blood. The stage was also decorated with sheep blood and sheep heads. The performance concluded with minimal incident save for one of the female models fainting during the set and having to be taken down from the cross for attention.

However, immediately upon the show’s conclusion, local police arrived and confiscated all the recordings from Krzemionki TV. An investigation has been launched for the possible prosecution of causing religious offense and animal cruelty.

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