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Guitarist Leaves ICED EARTH; New Recording Soon Underway

March 28, 2003

ICED EARTH have announced the departure of guitarist Larry Tarnowski, who plans to focus on his studies. The band will utilize guest musicians to record leads/solos for their upcoming album, The Glorious Burden, while a touring replacement will be determined after their new album is recorded.

Speaking of their new album, ICED EARTH are set to commence recording next week. Here’s what mainman Jon Schaffer posted on the band’s website:

“Next week we begin recording drum tracks and the next ICED EARTH is fully underway. We will be doing everything but the drums in my studio. The drums and the mix will be done in Tampa at Morrisound. Jim Morris and I will be flying to Prague to record the symphony in mid-May as it stands right now. I’m very much looking forward to that. We are kicking around the idea of a full surround sound mix of [the song] ‘Gettysburg’ on the DVD audio format as a bonus disc. We are checking on costs and all that fun stuff now to see if it’s possible. I’ve always wanted to do this and this epic is the perfect choice for it.”

Schaffer also mentioned that the band will be auctioning off an ICED EARTH drum kit for charity on eBay following the recording of their new album. Stay tuned for more details.