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HEAD CONTROL SYSTEM Sign With The End Records

December 22, 2005

HEAD CONTROL SYSTEM, the heavy groove/rock/metal act comprised of Daniel Cardoso (ex-SIRIUS/RE:AKTOR) and Kristoffer Garm Rygg (ULVER) will serve up their infectious debut for The End Records entitled Murder Nature on April 4th, 2006.

“When I first approached Garm about working together I had SINDROME in mind, a project where I was doing everything by myself and developing my own ideas and concepts,” says Cardoso about the origins of HCS. “We had put out an EP with another singer and there was even a band lineup, but I accidentally started doing everything on my own and there was no real need of a full lineup. So when G. came in, we started developing the existing concept, which in the end turned into an altogether new concept.”

He adds, “I kind of felt bad that G. was putting so much effort into the band, but I never really had the chance to choose a name that he’d be totally comfortable with. So we both agreed on HEAD CONTROL SYSTEM, so maybe that was my way of making it officially our project, rather than just my ‘solo’ project.” Murder Nature is HCS’s first album, with the two madmen storming through an array of odds and ends in the course of 11 tracks, never really sitting still for more than a beat of a butterfly wing, lashing back at us with G.’s infectious vocals and the concussion-like rhythms of Cardoso. And you might even find yourself singing along from time to time.

Cardoso openly admits that HCS is about girls and that “lots of guys will be listening to it in the closet.” He says, “I’d hardly call it metal actually. It sounds heavy, yes, but I was recording it with a rock attitude and vibe.” So buckle up, crank up the volume dial and let the music drive you till the cows come home.

Murder Nature tracklisting:
01. “Baby Blue”
02. “Skin Flick” [mp3 download]
03. “Masterpiece (Of Art)”
04. “Blunt Instrumental”
05. “It Hurts”
06. “Watergate No. Seven”
08. “Kill Me”
09. “Wonderworld”
10. “Rapid Eye Movement”
11. “Falling On Sleep”

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