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HEAD CONTROL SYSTEM's Daniel Cardoso Reveals Solo Album

February 10, 2009

Daniel Cardoso of HEAD CONTROL SYSTEM, also featuring Kristoffer G. Rygg (a.k.a Garm of ULVER), has announced that a solo album under the band name, DEL, is on course for completion.  Cardoso issued the following statement:

“For those who have been waiting for the new HEAD CONTROL SYSTEM record, and mailing us asking for more music, we have to be honest and say it might take a little longer than we expected. We know we promised you some updates on the new record some time ago, and the truth? is that part of it is already written, but this time we are finding it really hard to match? both our (me and Kris - Garm from ULVER ) availability. He both had other personal business at the side to take care off, as some people may know I’m really busy at the studio producing new bands and Kris is such a busy bee. We all have other matters to attend. But we need you, the fans, to know we both still believe in this band and we only need to get the proper mindset and timing to fix logistics and get the job done.

“In the meantime, I’ve been stepping some new ground with my solo effort, DEL. I’ve always been comfortable playing all sorts of instruments but never really felt able to share my voice with the world. Well, this is the time. DEL’s debut is believed to come out before the new HEAD CONTROL SYSTEM album and there’s not much else I can say about it RATHER than go check it out. Next week I’ll start producing the new OBLIQUE RAIN album and next month? its the new W.A.K.O. (fuckin’ redneck death/thrash rockers!) record. It never stops, and it’s all good! "

Check out DEL’s MySpace page for some samples, including a cover of Terence Trent D’arby’s “Sign Your Name”: