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HEARSE To Make U.S. Debut With Armageddon Mon Amour

February 29, 2004

HEARSE, the new band featuring ex-ARCH ENEMY/NONEXIST vocalist Johan Liiva, will make their U.S. debut with their second full length album, Armageddon Mon Amour, on April 6th. Recorded at Basement Audio System in Stockholm, Armageddon Mon Amour showcases the band’s refreshing hybrid of musical styles - an embodiment of melodic death, classic metal and showing hints of a groovier, if one could say, stoner influence. Drummer Max Thornell says of the recording, “the aim was to have a natural, rough and heavy recording. The cooperation between us and engineer Jonas Edler worked out with the recording coming out quite close to plan.” Continuing, “What can fans expect? Look for a round of rock n’ roll adventures in death metal with ripping solos, licks and tricks. And on top of it all, Johan Liiva’s voice.”

Formed by longtime friends Thornell and (ex-ARCH ENEMY/NONEXIST vocalist) Johan Liiva, Hearse recorded a solo demo before signing with Hammerheart Records. The band, completed by guitarist Mattias Ljung, released Dominion Reptillian, 2003. The record was preceeded by a limited edition 7-inch single titled, Torch. Dominion Reptillian found instant acclaim throughout Europe on release, although to date the record has received no proper US release.

Track listing for Armageddom Mon Amour:
Mountain of the Solar Eclipse
Crops of Waste
In Love and War
Ticket to Devastation
Play Without Rules
Armageddon Mon Amour