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HEAVEN SHALL BURN Sign To Century Media Records

January 23, 2004

Critically acclaimed German metalcore act, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, have officially signed with Century Media Records. Their new album, Antigone, will be released on April 26th in Europe. The initial pressing of the album will be a limited edition version with special packaging that includes two bonus cover tracks. More details on the release and an exact North American release date will be announced shortly. Additionally, the album will be available in South America via Brazil’s Liberation Records and Lifeforce Records will taking care of the LP version, which will be also released on April 26th, as well as a future limited CD EP release for HEAVEN SHALL BURN following later this year.

Here is an official statement by the band:

Marcus Bischoff (vocals): “I am extremely excited to have signed to the label that is home to plenty of my favourite bands. 2004 promises to become a really challenging year for HEAVEN SHALL BURN. Full force ahead!!!”

Maik Weichert (guitar): “I am very happy about the new deal with Century Media. It was a really important step forwards to take for us as a band, but even more important was to make it together with a partner who doesnlt only understand how to promote and market HEAVEN SHALL BURN’s music but who also has the ability and attitude to support the political and socio-critical dimension of the band. Furthermore, it means a lot to us that we didn’t only find a good new home, but that will also manage to continue the co-operation with Lifeforce Records. There still won’t be any compromises for the future with HEAVEN SHALL BURN! Everything that needs to be said will be said, and everything that needs to be done will be done! We are positively looking forward to 2004!”