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HOD in Studio Working on Ibex Moon Records' Debut

August 19, 2008

San Antonio, Texas-based extreme metal band HOD will release their debut album on Ibex Moon Records sometime in early 2009.

The band, comprised of members from NECROVORE, THORNSPAWN, EXULCERATE and PILLCRUSHER, are currently in the studio working on their debut, titled Serpent.

HOD guitarist Lord Necron issues the following update:

“We have started work on the recording of our debut album for Ibex Moon Records. We are working with Stuart ‘BatLord’ Laurence for the recording. Stuart has recorded many Texas metal bands over the years such as THORNSPAWN, AVERSE SEFIRA, DEATH OF MILLIONS and so on. Stuart knows metal since he too has been in many bands over the years, including AGONY COLUMN and his present band IGNITOR. I can tell you the recording has a very dark and brutal edge to it. The songs appearing on the record will be:

Victims” “Serpent of the Nightmare Empire” “Harbinger of Death” “Black Rites” “Demoralizer” “Nine Days” “God Of Darkness and Winter

“It is definitely a leap forward from our demo. We plan on unleashing this beast sometime early next year.”

Check out HOD at their official MySpace page: