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January 17, 2003

ICED EARTH have finally secured a new recording deal with SPV. Guitarist, Jon Schaffer revealed the full details on the band’s official website:

“Well people, the deal is finally done. ICED EARTH will be calling SPV home for the next few records. After over a year and a half of intense negotiations and music business bullshit I made the decision to go with the company that did such an amazing job on the DEMONS & WIZARDS release.

“I am very aware that the company is not totally established in the US market but am confident that with ICED EARTH on their roster, we will help solidify their status here. Their performance on the DEMONS & WIZARDS release made them a contender for the future of ICED EARTH back in 2000. The way they handled that release and the way Hansi [Kürsch (BLIND GUARDIAN, DEMONS & WIZARDS)] and I were treated had a very big impact on my decision.

“With all of that out of the way I can say now confidently that we will begin production on the next record in early to mid March. Unfortunately, that makes the release date a bit later than I announced in an earlier post but this whole process has dragged on far longer than I expected. Neil and I will keep you posted on the release date as we get closer to it. I’ll be posting again soon, I just wanted to get this news out before the rumors get out of hand.”

The aforementioned next album will be entitled The Glorious Burden, and will be their first album released on a label other than Century Media.