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IN FLAMES To Release Trigger EP

April 10, 2003

Having recently returned from their US tour with MUDVAYNE, Sweden’s IN FLAMES are readying the release of a new EP via Nuclear Blast Records. The Trigger EP will contain the following tracks:

1. “Trigger” (single edition)
2. “Watch Them Feed” (new song)
3. “Land Of Confusion” (GENESIS cover)
4. “Cloud Connected” (Club Connected Remix)
5. “Moonshield” (C64 Karoke Version)

The band also posted an update to fans, on the official IN FLAMES website, regarding their touring adventures and upcoming plans:

“Hello all, thanx a million for the GREAT support from both old and new fans on IN FLAMES/MUDVAYNE tour in the US. We had a great time, and as usual we met some really cool people on the road (talking about you, our wonderful fans) and we made some good friends in the other bands ??” MUDVAYNE, GRADE 8, and DEPSWA ??" we really hope to meet up again soon !!!!

“On the way home we were forced to make an emergency landing in New Foundland, due to some strange objects on the aircraft that needed closer attention. This of course scared the hell out of us, but luckily it was false alarm, so as we speak we are in Sweden, jet-lagged as hell, but really glad to be on safe ground at home again…

“In the end of June we will go back on the road again on a headline spin across the U.S., bringing some great acts along with us. The tour will take us to places we didn’t hit on the last tour and some that we did play. Hope to see ALL of you out there. Also, watch out for our video/EP for ‘Trigger’ that will be out very soon.”