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INTRONAUT Asking for Assistance with U.S. Tour Problems

December 12, 2006

Los Angeles’ INTRONAUT are currently on tour with YAKUZA and have recently run into van problems. As a result, they have been forced to cancel their shows in Tempe, AZ and San Marcos, CA. INTRONAUT is asking fans to purchase merchandise from their website to help them fund van repairs to allow them to finish the tour. Here’s more from the band:

“Story time kids!

“It all begins this past Saturday night (12/9), as we were totally stoked to roll into the bustling, culture-rich metropolis of Gainesville, TX. As we merged to hit our exit from the highway, our van (a 1984 Ford Club Wagon who has braved its way across this country with us for almost 100 shows this year) decides to totally eat shit. Fortunately, we were across the street from a mechanic and less than a mile from the venue we were supposed to play. We thought we’d leave the van in the lot at the mechanic to get fixed in the morning and have our very good pals/touring mates YAKUZA come pick us up and take us to the show. Not five minutes after said plans are arranged, we get a call from the YAKUZA dudes saying that the promoter claimed to have dropped both us and them from the show months ago in favor of like 27 bands. Not only was this total bullshit, but he cost both bands hundreds of dollars in gas. Luckily we have his home address in our tour itinerary and will be UPS Next Day-ing him and his parents a couple boxes of poop and used condoms.

“Fast-forward to today (Monday, 12/11). We’re still in BFE, TX. Apparently everyone in town here is too busy being in church, fingerbanging kids’ buttholes on Sunday to fix cars, so we had to wait until this morning to even go and TALK to a mechanic. Turns out our carbeurator (sp?) is fucked and they had to order a new one, due here tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon. That’ll make four days here in this hotel, living off continental breakfast, Taco Bell, and wishes and dreams of leaving this fucking shithole.

“We will be forced to miss our shows in Tempe, AZ and San Marcos, CA, but should be making it to Corona to the Showcase Theatre on 12/13. Our homecoming show is Saturday, 12/16 at Live Jazz in Downtown LA and is totally FREE. YAKUZA will still be on all the shows, so go see them too.

“Also, if you’ve ever thought about ordering a T-shirt or CD from us, now would be a great time to do it, since we’re burning money out here. There are links for merch up on both our website ( and myspace ( Thanks to everyone who has been at our shows on this long ass tour, your support makes this one obstacle easier to swallow.