Italy’s RHAPSHODY To Release First Live Album

Italian power metal icons RHAPSODY have announced that they will release their first live album on Magic Circle Music. Entitled Live In Canada 2005 – The Dark Secret, the release is a testimony of pure energy, with over 60 minutes of footage recorded at the Metropolis in Montreal, Canada on June 14, 2005 during leg one of the MANOWAR‘s Demons, Dragons and Warriors World Tour.

As the special guests for MANOWAR this past summer, RHAPSODY‘s performance was highly acclaimed internationally for its stripped down and performance-orientated arrangements, which allowed the band to prove that the music really is the message.

“This album is exceptionally magical,” said guitarist and composer Luca Turilli. “It combines the song visions with the fun we had on stage and the amazing reaction from the fans.”

Keyboardist and composer Alex Staropoli added that “The reaction of the fans in Canada and the U.S. was just unbelievable. That’s why we simply had to name this album Live In Canada. A true dedication!”

Live In Canada 2005 – The Dark Secret will be released in two configurations: as a CD format that features the complete Montreal show and as a limited edition CD package (with the complete album recorded in 5.1 surround sound) that will include a bonus DVD that contains exclusive behind-the-scenes-material.

RHAPSODYLive In Canada 2005 – The Dark Secret
01. “The Dark Secret
02. “Unholy Warcry
03. “Wisdom Of The Kings
04. “The Village Of Dwarves
05. “Erian´s Mystical Rhymes
06. “Dawn Of Victory
07. “Lamento Eroico
08. “Nightfall On The Grey Mountains
09. “The March Of The Swordmaster
10. “Emerald Sword
11. “Gran Finale

RHAPSODY will continue to tour as the special guest on the second leg of MANOWAR‘s Demons, Dragons and Warriors World Tour in 2006. The first dates have been confirmed and more are to follow.

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