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JESU Unable to Join ISIS Tour Until Permits Secured

February 20, 2007

As previously reported, JESU have canceled their CD release show and now have been forced to skip out on initial participation on their upcoming tour with ISIS. The band issued the following status on their tour on their official MySpace page:

“We are sorry to report that JESU are still stuck in England and will NOT be playing the Spaceland, L.A headline/release party; work permits for JESU **have still not been cleared by U.S officials/customs and the band are not allowed into the U.S until the permits are officially cleared. The band are yet to receive a date of clearance and simply have to wait until they do so before entering the U.S, hence JESU will not be appearing at any shows with ISIS until the permits are available and JESU can leave England.

“Please watch this space for further news; once JESU have their permits we will post confirmation of this and the first show that JESU will play in the U.S. Hopefully the band will not miss more than the first week of this tour, being the bands first tour of the U.S.

“In related JESU live line up news, JESU bass player Diarmuid Dalton will not be playing any of the U.S dates due to being refused a work permit for the U.S for this tour.

Diarmuid has been replaced for this tour by long time collaborator (and fellow Birmingham, England native) bass player Dave Cochrane (Justin and Dave played together in HEAD OF DAVID, SWEET TOOTH, ICE, GOD and now their new project together GREY MACHINE).

“Drummer Ted Parsons has also been unable to make this first JESU U.S tour due to family commitments and has been replaced by drummer Danny Walker, a Los Angeles native who plays for many bands including INTRONAUT.”**