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Justin Broadrick's FINAL Prepares For Live Shows and Recordings

January 3, 2006

FINAL serves as an undefinable and experimental interpretation of Justin Broadrick’s more recognised music; encompassing the brutal and the dark to the beautiful and the melodic, the term “ambient” is often used to describe the sound of FINAL, but the music is not at all intended to function purely as background as the term “ambient” generally implies.

Before Justin Broadrick was in NAPALM DEATH and way before his JESU, GODFLESH and TECHNO ANIMAL projects, he had FINAL. This was the first music that he made and the first concerts he ever performed.

Since forming JESU, Justin has become very active with FINAL inspired by his new works on 3, recording has already begun for forthcoming releases, and now Justin is preparing to perform as FINAL, his first performances as FINAL since 1985.