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KHOLD To Release Morke Gravers Kammer April 20th

March 3, 2004

Norwegian black metal band, KHOLD, have set April 20th as the U.S. release date for their third album, Morke Gravers Kammer. Recorded in Norway and completed following the band’s 2003 European tour with SATYRICON, Morke Gravers Kammer (The Gravediggers Dark Chamber) is an eclectic collection of fast and mid-tempo tracks that features the Olso-based band’s simple yet commanding take on the extreme style. The album features artwork by illustrious Norwegian photographer Marcel Leliënhof. He further directed the band’s first video for album track, “Dod Niflheimr.”

Drummer/founder Sarke says, “The songs on this album are strong and the KHOLD trademark is there all the way. We have our own take on black metal. We offer something different within the genre and that can only be positive.”

01. “Atselgraver
02. “Dod Niflheimr
03. “Hevnerske
04. “Med Nebb og Klor
05. “Morke Gravers Kammer
06. “Opera Seria Sjeleskjender
07. “Vardoger
08. “Kamp