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King Diamond Reports on New Album's Progress

April 17, 2003

Here’s an update from King Diamond on the new album, The Puppet Master:

“So far all the basic tracks have been recorded including the rhythm guitars, bass guitars, drums, and keyboards. We will start working on vocals and lead guitars next and then we will begin to mix everything together starting around June 2003. After the mixing is done we will have someone out to videotape me telling the story of The Puppet Master for bonus material on the second disc. We will also approach our band pictures a little different this time around and I think people are really going to love it. It will definitely be different and twisted! As far as the music goes, everything has been going very well and it all sounds killer! It just has such an awesome sound and it is everything I expected and then some. The few people that have heard it so far, and are also very familiar with all the past albums, think it’s some of the best material to date. You’re really gonna love this stuff!!!”

The Puppet Master is tentatively scheduled for a late October release. More info soon to come.