Korea’s OATHEAN to Play 15th Anniversary Show for Debut Album

Korean black/death metal band OATHEAN have announced that they will play a special 15th anniversary show for their debut, The Eyes of Tremendous Sorrow.  The show is scheduled for March 3, 2013 at V-Hall in Seoul, Korea.  Purchase tickets here.

While The Eyes of Tremendous Sorrow remains one of the most obscure underground releases, it can be described as Korea or Asia’s answer to DISSECTION‘s legendary debut full-length, The Somberlain.  Blazing melodies, tortured vocals, dark and depressive atmospheres, and a great integration with traditional Korean instruments, The Eyes of Tremendous Sorrow is truly a underground metal classic.  While OATHEAN would go on to release more albums, their debut remains their best work.  Eat your heart out, CHTHONIC!

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