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KREATOR Mainman Provides Latest On New Album And Tours

December 17, 2003

KREATOR mainman, Mille Petrozza, has posted an update on the band’s official site about the progress of their new album as well as upcoming touring plans:

“Dear friends. Just came back from Romania, very cool show, fantasitic audience! This was definitely the last show of the Violent Revolution tour and I want to thank all of you for making 2003 another great year in the history of the band! In January we will start the rehearsals for the new record, Andy Sneap and his studio in Notingham/UK is booked for May. The new stuff sounds like a mix between Violent Revolution and Pleasure to Kill! Up to now, I have written 9 songs, some are already arranged and ready to go, others are still fragments. There´ll be a couple of tunes that are longer than seven minutes and have wicked parts an tempo changes, next to four minute songs full of hate and brutality! I am very exited about the new shit and can not wait to record it! After all the touring we´ve done for the last album, the band has grown to a strong unit, where each individual member is ready to give 200% to bring you, what you deserve: the best and most violent KREATOR record of all time! A European tour through selected venues is scheduled for the end of 2004, also a return to the US is in the making. We´re working on a huge production for this, with tons of lights and sound and a setlist that will kill!!! Have a nice new years eve party and do not let the industry drag you into their commercial Christmas terror!”