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KRISIUN's The Great Execution Coming November 1, 2011

September 9, 2011

KRISIUN’s upcoming album, The Great Execution, has been set for a November 1, 2011 release date. It is the band’s eighth studio album and musically expands KRISIUN’s trademark high speed death metal violence with a heavily increased amount of diversity, ranging from extreme tempo variations over distinct rhythm patterns to clean guitars and even flamenco parts.

The band only used analog gear and instruments while recording this album to avoid the compressed sound that so many musicians produce today.

“With our new record we managed to capture the sound and the vibe that we were always looking for,” adds vocalist/bassist Alex Camargo. Going back to Stage One Studio in Germany and working with Andy Classen again was the right choice. The album came out with a very distinctive and natural sound, shattering the boundaries of the style once more.