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LAMB OF GOD Sign With Epic Records

October 21, 2003

LAMB OF GOD officially announced during their appearance on MTV2’s Headbanger’s Ball this past weekend that they have signed a recording contract with Epic Records (a division of Sony Music) as previously rumored.

The band, who were previously signed with Prosthetic Records, will be heading out on the road as a part of the Headbanger’s Ball Tour next week. Amped about the tour, drummer, Chris Adler, stated the following:

“We’re all very excited to get things underway. This tour, this lineup and the Headbanger’s Ball itself have all been a long time coming and now it’s time for all of us to make sure it’s never fogotten. We’re honored to be a part of something that with the help of our friends and fans has the potential to help metal and all heavy music break down more barriers and continue to grow. Thank you for that priveledge and your support. We will see all of you very soon!”

In other news, the previously reported DVD release has been confirmed to carry the title Terror and Hubris. The DVD, which includes 13 chapters and 11 extras, will be available in stores early next year for a list price of $9.99.