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February 20, 2003

Norway’s LIMBONIC ART have officially broken up. The band has released the following statement:

LIMBONIC ART has as of February 2003 decided to seize our activities. We feel that we have reached as far as we could in our collaboration, and do not feel as inspired as we should when it comes to producing new quality music. There is no reason to go on making music we would not be comfortable with, and we fulfilled our contracts with NAP [Nocturnal Art Productions]. Everything is set for a new beginning for the both of us [Daemon and Morfeus], and we desire to explore other aspects of our musical interests, so it is time to stop now. The circle is complete, begin another…

“We would like to hail all the ones who have supported us through the years, Nocturnal Art Productions, Hammerheart Records, Evil Horde Records, Mystic Productions, and many others who deserve our respect. Last but not least, we hail YOU, our loyal and dedicated fans. You know who you are…”

Formed in 1993, the black metal duo released a total of five albums during their career and were particularly noted for their debut album, Moon in the Scorpio.