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Longtime Guitarist Quits EXHUMED; Ex-UPHILL BATTLE Guitarist Recruited

May 10, 2005

Bay Area grinders EXHUMED have announced that longtime guitarist Mike Beams has quit the band. “Mike felt that he had burnt himself out on EXHUMED through all the touring and everything and just wasn’t really motivated to continue on and give 110% the way that he had in the past,” stated band founder Matt Harvey.

Beams’ decision to leave the group came in the midst of the recording of the band’s new album of cover songs, Garbage Daze Re-Regurgitated, and the personnel change set back recording deadlines. The album is now set for a late summer release. New guitarist Wes Caley (ex-UPHILL BATTLE) came into the band after much of the initial recording was done and contributed guitar solos on the new album. “Wes is a great guitar player, and was the perfect addition to the band.” Stated Harvey, “We all wish Mike the best, and we’re sorry to see him go, but we respect his decision and are thankful for all the years he’s put into the band. We think that bringing Wes in is going to take what we’re doing to a whole new level.” Caley added “I’ve been a fan of EXHUMED for a long time, so this is a really great thing! We are on the same page musically, and with everything else as well. I can’t wait to get out and play some serious metal! I am happy to drink all the free beer that I hope will be in abundance out there, all over the world….”