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LORDI Frontman Comments on Upcoming North American Release

January 12, 2007

Finnish monster hard rock act LORDI have experienced massive amounts of success in Europe over the last year and frontman Mr. Lordi knows the task involved in making The Arockalypse a success in North America when it is released on March 20th, 2007 on The End Records.

“It is like a 2-sided coin because you don’t know what is going to happen. We have to start from zero over there,” comments the gargantuan monster frontman about trying to achieve the same success in North America. “It is going to be interesting, kind of a challenge for us but then again it is great for us to be humble again. We want to see how the success for us works over there or not. You can never tell which way things will go but we’re excited nonetheless.” “I feel great,” he says about the upcoming release which contains bonus tracks and a DVD. “I’ve been telling journalists over the years that we are a Finnish band heavily influenced by American bands. All the musical influences come from the States and it feels great that the album will finally be coming out over there.”

LORDI are currently planning their first ever jaunt of North America this spring and are confirmed for a two night stint at the annual Bamboozle Festival this May. For more info check: