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Lupus Lounge Signs Romania's NEGURA BUNGET

October 2, 2007

Romanian band NEGURA BUNGET and Lupus Lounge have agreed upon an encompassing collaboration. Among other things, Lupus Lounge will re-release From Transylvanian Forests as well as the albums Zirnindu-Sa, Maiastru Sfetnic and Sala Molksa with extensive bonus material. The band is also planning a new recording of the album Maiastru Sfetnic featuring a traditional Transylvanian orchestra. NEGURA BUNGET are going to fulfil their contract with the label Code666, but have voiced their trust in Lupus Lounge in that a contract on future releases after the cessation of the cooperation with Code666 has already been signed. In its music, this ambitious and challenging (their listeners as well as themselves) band unites original black metal atmospheres with many-layered arrangements deeply inspired by local Transylvanian spirituality and folklore.