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MADDER MORTEM: Guitarist And Bassist Amicably Split

August 15, 2003

Norway’s MADDER MORTEM have confirmed the departure of bassist Paul (Pål Mozart Bjørke) and guitarist Eirik Ulvo Langnes. Paul’s desire to be able to live a more “normal” life and to spend more time with his son prompted him to quit the band. He will be performing one last time with the band at Elveblest in Årnes, Norway on Saturday, August 16th. Eirik, on the other hand, quit due to musical differences.

The splits were amicable as the band stated, “we want to thank both Eirik and Paul for their hard work and dedication to this band for the last three years…we have come far and we hope that you’ll go even further with your future projects.”

Regardless, MADDER MORTEM have assured their fans that will carry on. In fact, the band already have replacement members in place and are busy working on a new album, which they will give “150% priority” until completion. The names of the new members will be announced shortly.