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MAYHEM Fan's Skull Fractured At a Show By Flying Sheep's Head

March 10, 2003

According to The Associated Press, a fan at a recent MAYHEM gig this past Thursday in Bergen, Norway was hit in the head by a flying sheep’s head, fracturing his skull. The band were in the midst of carving up a dead sheep as a part of its live performance when the unfortunate incident happened. The sheep’s head flew off vocalist Maniac’s knife and struck Per Kristian Hagen’s head.

Hagen filed involuntary assault and battery charges, which carry a maximum sentence of six months in prison, against MAYHEM. “My relationship to sheep is a bit ambivalent now. I like them, but not when they come flying through the air,” Hagen told The Associated Press Monday from his hospital room. “I have a headache now.” He is expected to recover.

MAYHEM guitarist Blasphemer said, “the whole thing was an accident, but maybe it would be an idea for another show.” He also promised Hagen a free ticket to the band’s next show.

While an investigation has started, police detective Carl-Petter Leganger told The Associated Press that “nothing suggests this was a conscious act.”