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Metal Blade Records Sign THE RED CHORD

April 1, 2004

Rising stars, THE RED CHORD, have announced that they have officially signed to Metal Blade/Black Market Activities. The band will record the new album, entitled Clients, later this year.

Vocalist Guy Kozowyk had this to say about the deal, “The Metal Blade offer was hands down the best all around deal we have received in the past two years. They are hard working, honest people. They’ve done a remarkable job expanding the direction of the company and it has been a pleasure working with them thus far.”

Guitarist Mike McKenzie (aka Gunface) added, “We are all excited about the signing. I’m happy with what they’ve done for us already before even signing the agreement.” When asked about the newest material, Mckenzie said, “The new record will push the boundaries of our musical abilities and it will be great to have the backing of a strong label.”