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Metal Blade Records Signs GOREROTTED

July 18, 2003

Metal Blade Records have announced that they have just signed English goregrinders GOREROTTED.

“They first draw our attention when we saw them two years ago at the Fuck The Commerce Festival”, says a spokesperson of the label. “They were the fuckin´ best band on the whole festival! GOREROTTED’s first album Mutilated In Minutes is a perfect lesson in brutal Gore/Grind/Death musick! These guys not only have a cool image, their music is absolutely phenomenal! We are very pleased to have them on the label now.”

The band seems to be happy as well. Guitarist Fluffy comments: “We are really excited to be working with the same label that is behind the very bands that we grew up listening to. Fucking nice one!” Bassist Wilson elaborates: “Yeah man, we’re really looking forward to the coming years of blood, booze and boobs!”

Their long awaited second album Only Tools And Corpses is in the final stages of decomposition and will be unleashed upon the world in November 2003. The album promises to be “a nine-song roller-coaster ride of intense brutality and a complete assault on the senses.”