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MONSTROSITY Prepare Release of New Album, Rise To Power

August 28, 2003

Florida death metal band, MONSTROSITY have completed mixing their new album, Rise To Power. The album was recorded at Audio Hammer Studios in Sanford, Florida with engineer Jason Suceof. The album’s domestic release date is September 23, 2003 through Conquest Music Inc. The line up for the album is Jason Avery (vocals), Tony Norman (guitars), Lee Harrison (drums), Sam Molina (guitars), and Mike Poggione (bass).

Track listing:
1. “The Exordium
2. “Awaiting Armageddon
3. “Wave Of Annihilation
4. “The Fall Of Eden
5. “Chemical Reaction
6. “A Casket For The Soul
7. “Rise To Power
8. “Visions Of Violence
9. “From Wrath To Ruin
10. “Abysmal Gods
11. “Shadow Of Obliteration

In other news, the band is scheduled to headline the Las Vegas Metal Fest on August 30th, alongside DEICIDE and SUFFOCATION. Also, the rumors of MONSTROSITY playing the James Murphy benefit show in St. Petersburg on September 6th are false. The band was never officially contacted regarding the show and have never agreed to play. The band wish James the best of luck.