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Moonfog Add DISIPLIN to Their Roster

May 21, 2003

Moonfog Productions has announced the signing of DISIPLIN, a Norwegian three-piece formed by Savant M (ex-MYRKSKOG). Savant M describes the music of DISIPLIN:

“Our music is based on old school black metal with inspiration from thrash and death metal. Why go to a fancy restaurant when you can eat ‘Spaghetti Rimini’ at home?”

Satyr (of SATYRICON), who runs Moonfog, explains how he came to sign DISIPLIN off the strength of their demo:

“It´s very rare that a new band on the scene succeeds in catching my interest on the strength of a demo alone. It only happened once before in the history of Moonfog with KHOLD. And apart from the obvious fact that I enjoy their music and that I have a great belief in their potential, I think they have that indistinguishable Moonfog sound.”

DISIPLIN will begin recording their self-titled Moonfog debut this August.