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MORGION Officially Split Up; Launch KEEN OF THE CROW

January 9, 2005

California doomsters, MORGION, have officially called it a day. The long-running band, which formed in 1990, released three full-length albums, including last year’s Cloaked by Ages, Crowned in Earth. A statement issued by the bands label, Dark Symphonies, reads as follows:

“After a five-year hiatus, a successful tour of Europe in 2003 with the Doomination Tour, and their most successful and critically acclaimed release with Cloaked By Ages, Crowned In Earth (Dark Symphonies), the band have mutually agreed to call it a day. The band members are currently working on separate musical projects, and these will hopefully surface in the near future. It was a pleasure working with the band, and all of us at Dark Symphonies wish Dwayne [Boardman], Gary [Griffith], Justin [Christian], and Rhett [Davis] nothing but the very best!”

It has also been reported that drummer, Rhett Davis, and bassist, Justin Christian, have formed a new band with Ron Slater (NEPENTHEAN). Song have already been written and recording and touring plans are already in the works.