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MORGION Shuffle Lineup; Third Album in the Works

April 15, 2003

According to, Southern California’s MORGION have parted ways with vocalist Adrian Leroux (formerly of MINDROT), who joined the band last year following the departure of original singer/bassist Jeremy Peto. Vocal duties will now be handled by guitarist/keyboardist Garry Griffith (“clean” vocals) and guitarist Dwayne Boardman (“brutal” vocals).

MORGION recently returned from their successful participation in the Doomination of Europe tour with MOURNING BELOVETH and THE PROPHECY. An upcoming Doomination of America tour featuring those same bands and UNEARTHLY TRANCE is in the works.

The band are now continuing to work on their third full-length album, Cloaked by Ages, Crowned in Earth. While they are still unsigned following their amicable split with Relapse Records last year, they plan to release their forthcoming album in late 2003. This is what the band had to say regarding their plans:

“Since returning home we have relocated to a new studio and finished vocal tracks for a new demo. Lots of European label interest this time around, so we are quite focused on getting these out this week. The recording has come out amazingly well this time around, we’re really happy with it. Being the pesky perfectionists we can be, that’s saying something. The response to the new material has been absolutely overwhelming. The European tour is the first time we’ve premiered so much new material at once on live audiences, and many great things have taken shape with the songs.”

Lastly, MORGION will be reissuing the Rabid Decay demo from 1991 and the Travesty EP from 1993 as a re-mastered Rabid Decay/Travesty split CD. Additionally, the release will include bonus tracks of previously unreleased material. Pending legalities, the band may issue a second disc may be offered in the near future containing new demo tracks, a live performance from 1999 and the never-released Oceans Without Shores EP.