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MUNICIPAL WASTE's Waste 'Em All Line-Up to Reunite for Show

August 6, 2008

MUNICIPAL WASTE’s Waste ‘Em All line-up will be reuniting for one night only at the 7th annual Best Friends Day Weekend. Here is more info from the band:

“In the ‘Waste ‘Em All’ years, MUNICIPAL WASTE developed a reputation that they are still living up to today. It was due to the early, insane live performances that set the bar for what people expect to see at a WASTE show. Wind swept circle pits, 69 stage dives, wacky costumes, and pizza shark boogie bongs still show up whether the band plans it or not. Maybe it was just the off stage antics, excessive drinking, or the tendency to eat all the food out of an unsuspecting victim’s fridge that sent the message that was (and still is) very clear: MUNICIPAL WASTE is gonna fuck you up!

“Now you can’t rewrite history, but you can relive it on Friday, August 15th 2008 at Alley Katz in Richmond, VA. THE WASTE will be reuniting the ‘Waste ‘Em All’ lineup for one show as part of the 7th annual Best Friends Day Weekend. The lineup, which includes Brandon Ferrell on drums, Andy Harris on bass, Tony Foresta on vocals, and Ryan Waste on guitar, will be playing the ‘Waste ‘Em All’ album in it’s entirety along with some other classic cuts.

“This show is a must see for any true fan of live music! The other acts of the night include: PAINT IT BLACK, QUADILIACHA, CAUSTIC CHRIST, BRUTAL KNIGHTS, and RELIGIOUS AS FUCK. The show starts at 7pm @ Alley Katz (10 Walnut Alley) and costs $10. Come out and support THE WASTE and Best Friends Day 7!”