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MY DYING BRIDE Clarify Album Delay Situation

October 9, 2003

As previously reported, MY DYING BRIDE’s forthcoming new album has been delayed due to “problems with the artwork.” However, the band offered the following clarification behind the album’s postponement:

“There are no ‘problems with the artwork,’ only delays coming from deadlines not met due to not feeling 100% about the way the art should look. So rather than rush we waited…

“Yes, disappointing for all of us, but we felt it [was] the correct thing to do. The artwork is close [to being completed] now but the delay means February next year. Doom is slow, we all know this.

“The album is finished musically. We were at Abbey Road in London on Sept 6th and 7th mastering it. We have a title and all lyrics and song titles, but they will be released in good time.”