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MY DYING BRIDE Sort Out New Album Details; Auction Rarities

January 1, 2003

MY DYING BRIDE’s follow-up to 2001’s The Dreadful Hours is tentatively scheduled for an August release. Guitarist, Andrew Craighan, stated, “we have about 50 minutes worth of music now and are heading into full rehearsels in January to start sounding them out.” “The Dance of Lord Morte” and “Rehearsals for Doomsday” are two working songtitles, which may or may not appear on the finalized album.

Vocalist, Aaron Stainthorpe, has also mentioned that he will be putting some MY DYING BRIDE rarities up for auction on eBay some time in January. The money collected will be donated to an unspecified animal sanctuary in Yorkshire, England. Stainthorpe explains:

“I have been having a look through all the MDB things I have collected over the last 12 years and have decided that I have too much of the same item and so a clear out is needed. It’s a win-win-win situation; I’ll be happy to get rid of some clutter, the fans will be happy at the chance to get hold of some rare goodies, and the charity will be very happy at some welcome cash.”