MY DYING BRIDE’s 10th Studio Album Titled For Lies I Sire

U.K.’s MY DYING BRIDE are set to release their 10th studio album and first since 2006’s A Line of Deathless Kings on March 23rd through Peaceville Records.  The album, titled For Lies I Sire, features three new members, including violinist, Katie Stone.

Here is the album tracklist:
01. “Fall With Me
02. “My Body, A Funeral
03. “The Lies I Sire
04. “Bring Me Victory
05. “Echoes From A Hollow Soul
06. “ShadowHaunt
07. “Santuario Di Sangue
08. “A Chapter in Loathing
09. “Death Triumphant

A microsite has been launched to promote the album. A full mp3 is available for those who sign up for the Peaceville mailing list:

Also, the band’s official website has samples from the full album. Check out the samples here:

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