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May 22, 2008

MYRKSKOG vocalist/guitarist and ZYKLON lead guitarist, Destructhor, has joined MORBID ANGEL as their second guitarist. He will make his live debut with the band this summer. Here is ZYKLON’s official statement:

“Yes, its true! Destructhor recently flew to Florida to join the godfathers of Death Metal, MORBID ANGEL. Make sure you catch them on the road for the summer festivals. We wish him the best of luck!!!

" ‘Metal Hammer writer Joel McIver reports that the new guitarist in Florida death metal legends MORBID ANGEL is none other than ZYKLON’s longtime axemeister Destructhor (a.k.a. Thor Anders Myhren).

" ‘Frontman David Vincent told Metal Hammer in a recent interview, “The hunt for another guitarist to play alongside Trey (Azagthoth, the band’s primary songwriter) was long and difficult. Man, I tell you, we had tapes sent to us from all over the world from guys who wanted to play in our band, and many of them were extremely talented ”” but Thor was the right choice for us. He’s a fantastic guitarist and fits right in with the band. Also, ZYKLON have supported MORBID ANGEL in the past, so the guys knew each other already.’ "

MORBID ANGEL is currently in the studio working on material for its first studio album since 2003’s Heretic. The upcoming CD will mark the group’s first release to feature frontman David Vincent since 1995’s Domination.”