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NAPALM DEATH, CATHEDRAL Members To Team Up For Grindcore Project

December 2, 2003

NAPALM DEATH bassist, Shane Embury, revealed via the band’s official website that he and CATHEDRAL frontman, Lee Dorian, plan on teaming up for a grindcore project.

“Me and Lee have been talking about doing something for ages but I think hopüefully next year we will get something together,” he posted. “Hopefully Roy Mayorga who was playing drums in SOULFLY will drum and Mid who is responsibe for a lot of the NAPALM DEATH artwork will play guitar as he now plays in a band called BAIT and used to be the guitar player for DEVIATED INSTINCT which of course go way back to the early NAPALM days!!!”

Embury has been busy with side projects as he recently completed a project with former BRUTAL TRUTH vocalist, Kevin Sharp, as previously reported here.