NAPALM DEATH’s Leaders Not Followers: Part 2 To Hit North America

Century Media Records have set October 5, 2004 as the North American release date for NAPALM DEATH’s Leaders Not Followers Part 2. The extreme metal legends deliver their second covers collection, which pays homage to hardcore, death, and thrash metal’s progenitors. Leaders Not Followers Part 2 continues where 1999’s Leaders Not Followers EP left off. As a bonus to long-time fans, and at the urging of long-time friend Shane Embury (bass), the band’s first bass player, Jim Whiteley, performs on DISCHARGE’s “War’s No Fairytale” and ANTI CIMEX’s “Game Of The Arseholes.”

02. THE OFFENDERS – “Face Down In The Dirt
03. DEVASTATION – “Devastation
04. HELLHAMMER – “Messiah
05. ANTI CIMEX – “Victims of a Bomb Raid
06. WEHRMACHT – “Fright Night
07. DISCHARGE – “War’s No Fairytale
08. SIEGE – “Conform
09. MASTER – “Master
10. INSANITY – “Fire Death Fate
11. KREATOR – “Riot of Violence
12. ANTI CIMEX – “Game of the Arseholes
13. MASSACRE – “Clangor Of War
15. DIE KREUZEN – “I’m Tired
16. SEPULTURA – “Troops of Doom
17. THE DAYGLO ABORTIONS – “Bedtime Story
18. AGNOSTIC FRONT – “Blind Justice
19. HIRAX – “Hate, Fear and Power

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