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NASUM: Third Album Complete

February 7, 2003

Swedish grinders, NASUM, have completed (mixed and mastered) their third album entitled, Helvete. The album clocks in at just over 35 minutes and consists of the following 22 tracks:

1. “Violation
2. “Scoop
3. “Living Next Door to Malice
4. “Stormshield
5. “Time to Discharge
6. “Bullshit
7. “Relics
8. “We Curse You All
9. “Doombringer
10. “Just Another Hog
11. “Drop Dead
12. “I Hate People
13. “Go!
14. “The Final Sleep
15. “Slaves to the Grind
16. “Breach of Integrity
17. “The Everlasting Shame
18. “Your Words Alone
19. “Preview of Hell
20. “Illogic
21. “Whip
22. “Worst Case Scenario

Helvete will be out in March/April in the US and April/May in Europe via Relapse Records.