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NEVERMORE Guitarist Announces Solo Project; Enters The Studio

April 3, 2008

One of metal’s most talented shredders, Jeff Loomis, of NEVERMORE fame will further prove his undeniable skills with his first solo project, which is set for a fall release. The ambitious offering is an all instrumental effort and is destined to shed some much deserved spotlight on the genre’s most notable, yet unsung, guitar player.

Loomis states: “Hi everyone. I just wanted to give you all an update on the solo project. I entered Robert Lang studios on March 22nd with producer Neil Kernon (NEVERMORE) and drummer Mark Arrington. Mark completed the drums for 10 tracks in about three and a half days. He did some incredible drum work that I know will bring this record to a higher level than I expected. Mark and I worked before back in 1993-94 when he played half the songs on our debut CD. Being able to do this entire recording with Neil is really amazing as well. We’ve done some great work in the past, but being able to focus on an entire instrumental record is going to be great. Rhythm guitars will be tracked next. I’ll keep everyone informed on the progress as we track for the next month.”