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New AKERCOCKE Album Nearing Completion

February 6, 2003

The recording for AKERCOCKE’s third album Choronzon has been completed. The London-based band will mix the tracks once they determine a producer and studio for the project. Here is the full-tracklist for Choronzon:

Praise the name of Satan
Bathykolpian Avatar
Becoming the Adversary
Entering the valley of the Crucified
Enraptured by Evil
Prince of the East
Son of the Morning

Guitarist/vocalist Jason Mendoca had this to say regarding the new material:

“Choronzon is the guardian of the abyss. With the tirade of pure sonic evil that we have recorded, we shall perhaps summon him and unleash hell hahahaha. The new songs feature all the classic AKERCOCKE hallmarks - crushing holocaust blast beats, cacodaemonic vocals, apocalyptic guitar traumas and hideous bass and electronic rancour, but the band have developed the backbone of the sound by including new textures and elements to create new shades of darkness within a vortex of Satanic dissonance.”

The band have made some unmixed samples available for download through the band’s website.