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New ANATHEMA Release On iTunes In April

February 28, 2006

ANATHEMA have announced that they will be making three new songs exclusively available on iTunes on April 18th. The band are currently without a record contract and thus, urge fans to pay for the downloads.

The three tracks rumored to be released are:
1. “One Day
2. “Everything
3. “Angels Walk Among Us

Here is official word from the band:
“As the band is without a record deal and without any financial backing to record an album, we respectfully ask all our fans to go to the iTunes site and pay for the songs. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! As you will be directly supporting the band at a difficult time, and your money will go towards paying for ANATHEMA to record an album this year.

“We need your help.

If you want to be a true fan and help the band directly, instead of helping record companies… do not copy these songs from your friends! go to iTunes on April 18th and buy them. The price is very cheap!”