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New CHIMAIRA Album Hits August 9th

July 1, 2005

Chimaira, the self-titled third album from the Cleveland, OH sextet, is scheduled for a August 9th release date via Roadrunner Records. Already having played some of the new songs live on their recent headlining tour, CHIMAIRA will introduce songs off the album as one of the headliners on the inaugural Sounds of the Underground tour.

The ten tracks that make up CHIMAIRA’s aural assault, including the first single “Nothing Remains”, are packed with “some of the fiercest riffs the band has ever written accompanied by shredding solos compliments of lead guitarist Rob Arnold.”

In addition, the band welcomes new drummer Kevin Talley (formerly of DYING FETUS and MISERY INDEX) to the fold. His death metal infused style is immediately felt on the album.

However, the songs are ultimately brought to life by the personal lyrics of singer Mark Hunter. Troubled with social anxiety disorder and chronic stomach problems for years, the singer felt forced to open up as a way to ease the pain.

“I thought it was time to be upfront in my lyrics and strip away the ambiguity. If not a way to connect further with our fans, but a way to lessen the suffering I feel on a daily basis.”

These seething and penetrating lyrics are at their best on songs such as “Salvation,” “Save Ourselves,” “Lazarus,” “Everything You Love” and others.