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New DØDHEIMSGARD Album Now Streaming at

April 16, 2007

The much-anticipated new album from Norway’s groundbreaking and unique black metal band DØDHEIMSGARD entitled Supervillain Outcast will be out April 17th, 2007 on The End Records.

You can now hear the entire album in streaming format at by clicking here.

Supervillain Outcast (on Moonfog/The End Records) is DØDHEIMSGARD’s follow-up to the critically-acclaimed 1999 release 666 International, a sonically-charged rollercoaster ride of avant-garde chaos and intense black metal drive and atmosphere. While most bands would be affected by such a lengthy downtime between releases, DHG’ insatiable drive to reach new plateaus with their powerful aural assaults has kept the momentum going strong allowing Supervillain Outcast to serve up pure black metal anarchy. You can pre-order the album at The End Records’ mailorder site The Omega here.