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New ENSLAVED Band and New Album Update

January 3, 2003

Here is the latest ENSLAVED news from guitarist, Ivar Bjornson via the band’s website:

“It is with great pleasure we introduce to you the ENSLAVED album; Below the Lights. It will be mixed and finished in every way mid-January 03 and will be released 03.03.03.

The album speaks for it self, but again we are proud to say we have gone further down the road of exploration. And on the other hand it is darker and contains more references to the early days of ENSLAVED in the sense of more ambience and structure to the songs. The progressive and experimental elements are still there, more raffined and subtle that ever. You will also find pieces of traditional Northern music, this time more incorporated in the ENSLAVED core material.

Melodic elements and complex harmonics is also a prominent feature on Below the Lights. After returning from the UK in March this year (02) we all realized that R. Kronheim’s days in the band had come to an end. Extremely unhealthy and unsociable habits combined with strong personalities and different musical tastes on both sides made it impossible to continue. But hey! That didn’t stop us, and with the added force of lead guitarist A. Isdal, we went on to make Below the Lights. The quality of the arrangements and the level of musicianship should prove that the core of Enslaved more than survived the changes.

The coverart is once again under the brush of Truls Espedahl (who also made the artwork for Monumension). This time the artwork will follow the music and lyrics even closer, and a surreal, dark and magnificent piece of art will meet you in the shops 03.03.03.

After the finishing of the album, Dirge Rep decided to leave the band. The reason is quite simple; he is burned out according to himself. No point in arguing with that. Goodbye and thanx for the drumwork, brother-in-arms! We have a replacement for live and studio sessions in Freddy B., the drummer some of you might remember from the UK tour in March 2002 when Dirge sat at home with a broken foot!

Ps. Watch out for the live-DVD Live Retaliation to be released through MetalMind Productions. Order it or read about it at our webpage Take note that will be removed and has been replaced by

See you on tour and remember to play Below the Lights at extreme volume levels. For even better results, try altered states of conciousness (knock yourself over the head, do yoga-jumping or stay awake for two weeks without food before you check out the album). If it doesn’t fuck you up, we’ll give you (fake monopoly) money back.

Thanx for your attention and for bringing us this far and further!

Ivar B.

Here’s the tracklisting for Below the Lights:
1. “The Crossing
2. “Havenless
3. “A Darker Place
4. “Queen of Night
5. “A Dead Stare
6. “As Fire Swept Clean the Earth
7. “Ridicule Swarm