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New Mp3 and Video Shoot Info From THE CROWN's Possessed 13

September 26, 2003

An mp3 for the song, “Zombiefied,” from THE CROWN’s new album, Possessed 13, can be downloaded here. The album is set for an October 21st release date.

In other news, the band recently shot a video for the track, “Face Of Destruction - Deep Hit Of Death.” Director Michael Schneider writes about his experience on the video shoot:

“Hi, my name is Michael Schneider of 2Dmedia. I’m the director of the forthcoming THE CROWN video clip ‘Face Of Destruction - Deep Hit Of Death.’ I have the demanding job to capture and visualize the immense power of both the band performing and the song itself. After having shot the material a few weeks ago (at the day THE CROWN also performed at the Summer Breeze Festival) currently the clip is in the midst of postproduction. What will it look like? Well, three words: fast, dark, and energetic! In a few weeks’ time you all will be able to witness the finished video and I deeply hope it will meet your expectations. Let me say, it’s quite an honour working for such a cool and capable band and being a part of their history.”