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New SCULPTURED Inspired By Cronenberg and Postmodern Philosophy

July 20, 2005

Don Anderson is hard at work writing the third full-length, as yet untitled SCULPTURED album. So far he has about half the album written. The new material is further developing the musical language initiated with Apollo Ends.

Anderson commented on the new songs, “I am really forcing myself to look at the guitar neck in a whole new manner. By using matrices I have to write most of the music out first and then learn it. It has been a real challenge because I can’t rely on melodic patterns that have been ingrained into my hand for years. I am exploring new patterns and working with stacking chords together into ‘blocks of sound.’ I am really pleased with the new material. So far titles include “The Shape of Rage,” “Bodies Without Organs,” “Becoming Something Other Than Death,” “Help, I’ve Swallowed My Teeth,” and an untitled song currently being composed. The themes of the third full-length are inspired by filmmaker David Cronenberg’s “body horror” films and postmodern philosophy. This is music for BRAVE NEW EARS. Thanks for everyone’s patience and support!”