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No Sham: Garm Quits ARCTURUS

February 13, 2003

According to the publication Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, Garm (a.k.a. G., Trickster G of ULVER) has quit ARCTURUS. While there hasn’t been an official announcement from the band yet, Garm revealed the news in an exclusive interview with the publication.

“I no longer sing in ARCTURUS,” he said. “I had to choose and down-prioritize a few things. My record label, Jester Records, has 30 CDs in the catalogue and I really want to work with my artists first hand, because I believe in all of them. ARCTURUS was OK as an offspring project, but the other members have tried to get serious about it now. They want to rehearse three times a week, and I can’t commit to that. I’m not happy with this move, but it’s something that has to be done.”

Despite Garm’s departure, the Norwegian metallers, who also boast drummer Hellhammer (THE KOVENANT, MAYHEM) and keyboardist Sverd (ex-THE KOVENANT), have said to have already found a replacement, which the band will make known soon.

Meanwhile, the ULVER mastermind also spilled some dirt on ULVER’s next full-length album (aside from the band’s flurry of other releases). The album, to be called Utopian Enterprises, will be “filthy” and “violent”; however, Garm stressed that “it won’t be violent musically, but it will be violent in other ways.” He ended stating, “we’re returning to more conventional song-structures, but we’ll still be trying to take the sound of things further.”